21 January 2021

Walkers Sensations Streetmix - Mumbai Style (@NLi10)

Living in a pretty Asian area I'd never really considered picking up the westernised version of Mumbai Mix - there are lots of really really authentic versions in most of my local shops.

That said - when these Walkers were presented to me I had to try them.  They look the part, although they possibly have a more nutty focus than the ones we've looked at before these are probably a lot easier to get hold of for most people

So what do we get - crackers & rice sticks, and two kind of peanuts - all with their own textures and flavour and enough spice to keep you interested but not so much you'll be rushing for a drink.

I've never seen coated peanuts in the real versions, but those are the star here - just a little crunchy parcel of flavour.

Perfect for home cinema snacks as you can pick and choose your nibbles and have a lovely tea alongside the spices.


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