10 January 2021

Naked Japanese Style Katsu Curry Long Grain Rice (@NLi10)

Naked do lots of great instant snacks for when I need a quick and decent sized lunch.  I'm just not used to them not being noodles.  This looks like a noodle pot, but it's a (BIG) rice pot.  So what's inside?

 Wet rice of course!  Smells fantastic - not quite perfect Katsu, but you aren't going to get a rich gravy just by pouring a kettle into a (reduced) plastic tub.

It does make up nicely though - I expected it to not quite work, but the rice was fluffy but still had bite, and the sauce was sticky enough that I could eat it with a fork like a heathen.

It's also fairly clear what's in it from the ingredients - a little curry and a little garlic - and a whole lot of great rice.  It filled me up for the day quite nicely and while relatively unexciting is definitely something I'd pick up again for the emergency cupboard.

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