23 January 2021

Iconic Pale Ale (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Iconic Pale Ale

I'm drinking up some of my American Pale Ales to celebrate the new President. I'm hoping he's going to be good for the USA and the rest of the World. He's already rejoined the World Health Organisation and signed America back into the climate agreement. I'm hoping he's going to heal some if not all of the bitterness that seems to be running wild in our news from America recently.

I enjoyed an American Pale Ale last week. Iconic is another American Pale Ale. This 4.4% volume Pale Ale was brewed by the Williams Brothers' Brewing Company in Scotland. Iconic won the Great Taste Award in 2018. I might be late to the party again on this one, but so is the new President. So we can both make up some time now.

On opening the bottle I noticed that there was a more herbal bitter hoppish smell rather than the grapefruit citrus of last week's Pale Ale. This deep golden Iconic has a sharp almost smoky bitterness to start with. This herbal smokiness travels throughout each mouthful and is touched by the sweet caramel flavours in the malts, which smooth out that crisp smoky bite from the hops into the aftertaste. I must admit that I haven't tasted an American Pale Ale like this Iconic before. I rather liked it. I would certainly agree that it is Iconic. Much like the new President... One can only hope!

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