15 January 2021

Kit Kat Pops - Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Pops - Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed

I picked up this bag of Kit Kat Pops Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed online as it sounded like a strange edition. Abroad there are some odd flavours of Kit Kat but this one just sounded weird. In fact as Kit Kat varieties go this one has an element of pretentiousness; “oh you eat regular Kit Kats I prefer mine with Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed”. I still bought them.

This is a sharing bag of what I would call Kit Kat “Pop Chocs” but are labelled Kit Kat Pops. The bag is in English but I think it is an import, the first language on the back next to the ingredients is ‘NL’ so perhaps they are from the Netherlands.

Kit Kat Pops - Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed

These little cubes of Kit Kat Pops are milk chocolate coated without any noticeable seeds on them. The flavour is impressive, these might well be the king of sweet and salty savoury snacks. There is a lovely light crunch from the wafer and the ingredients. The texture works well. There is lots of sweet flavour from milk chocolate, then salty nuts and savoury corn and seeds. Such a good mix, I don’t care if it sounds pretentious they are genius. These are addictive, I think I might have a problem. Send help, by help I mean another bag of Kit Kat Pops - Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed please.

Kit Kat Pops - Peanut, Corn and Chia Seed


Stella said...

Hi, I am Dutch and living in the Netherlands. I have never seen them over here. We don't get many different kinds of KitKat, and never anything like these! Regards Nicolet

Anonymous said...

I am Dutch and I was just eating these pops! I received them at a Jumbo store as a gift (with my online order). Jumbo supermarket often adds new products to online orders so maybe it's a new product.

cinabar said...

They have been seen in Germany too now. Can't believe you had a bag as a gift, what a nice store. :-)

Unknown said...

These are amazing I can nolonger find them in my area of the UK. Formerly only poundland stocked them. If you can find them buy them. I even dream of eating them!