9 January 2021

Super Bock Beer (Portugal) By @SpectreUK

Super Bock Beer (Portugal)

I had twelve beers delivered as a Christmas present in a big box. I do like receiving booze for Christmas and Birthdays. Amongst the twelve beers were six I've had before, and six I haven't. Here is one I haven't tried before...

Super Bock is the most popular beer in Portugal, and their best selling beer abroad. At 5% in volume Super Bock has won thirty-five gold medals in the past. This Portuguese pale lager beer has been produced by the Super Bock Group since 1927, so I'm feeling rather late to the party on trying this one out.

On opening the 330ml bottle there was a light fizz. There was the sweet smell of pale malts and a little bitterness from herbal hops. This deep golden lager poured with a decent head. It certainly doesn't seem like one of those mass produced belly-burping lagers I learned to hate as a barman back in the day.

On taste Super Bock's sweet pale malts tickled my tastebuds to start with, and then that bottom fermented lager flavour mixed well with the bitterness from the herbal hops into the aftertaste. I can easily see why this is such a popular lager. I reckon it would go perfectly well with most meals, from spicy dinners to fish and chips or barbecues. Alternatively just enjoyed on its own with a good book on a sunny day in the garden.


Anonymous said...

Currently 3 x 660ml for £5 in Tesco.


cinabar said...

OOh - thank you for the tip!! I'll let Spectre know :-)

Unknown said...

I remember selling Superb by the case 30 years ago when i worked for Oddbins - consumed more than a few cases myself!!