16 January 2021

Shipyard American IPA Beer (Tesco) by @SpectreUK

Shipyard American IPA Beer

This Shipyard American India Pale Ale is based on beer from Portland, Maine, in the United States of America. It was actually brewed and bottled just down the road from me by Marston's PLC, in Wolverhampton. I worked there many years ago taking stock orders for booze from different pubs in the local area, to make sure the correct amounts of beer and other beverages were going to the right places. How times have changed, as now it's the distribution of vaccines I'm trying to organise!

Brewed using American hops, this 5% in volume Shipyard American IPA is sported as having a grapefruit citrus hoppy flavour, which means it's likely that Chinook hops were used in the brewing. It's always a treat for me to have a beer like this one, as I do love a good pale ale, and I'm also rather fond of Chinook hops.

There was a citrus fruity smell on opening the bottle with a clear grapefruit kick and a sweetness from the malts at the back of the aroma. This deep golden IPA has a perfect blend of bitter fruity citrus hops followed by that sweetness from the pale and possibly crystal malts. There is a jumble of bitter hops to begin with, with the grapefruit flavoured hops winning through. There is that sweet malty goodness travelling into the aftertaste, making for a moreish lip-smacking treat of a beer. Mmm... perfect after a trying week at work!

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