19 January 2021

Aero - Dark Chipotle (Canada via GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Aero - Dark Chipotle

I spent some time browsing import chocolate on the internet and found some strange items that would never get released here in the UK, among them is this Aero Dark Chipotle bar from Canada. I think chilli chocolate flavours were on trend in the UK in about 2008 / 2009 but I haven’t seen much like this for quite a while. I remember Lindt doing ‘hot’ bars mixed with fruit. They are a bit of a novelty but can work well. As a fan of Aero too I couldn’t wait to give this bar a try.

Aero - Dark Chipotle

So this Aero Dark Chipotle is a bubbly dark bar with a layer of Chipotle truffle that is a dark red in colour. My bar was broken a little in transit, but I broke a piece off for a closer look at the bubbles. Then I gave it the taste test. The bar is a dark chocolate, and the rich tones of cocoa are the predominant flavour. I braced myself for the chilli and it was very mild. The spicy warmth did grow and even managed a slight heat tingle but it was in no way strong. I prefer this, it managed to add a gentle warmth to the rich cocoa and it gave it a wonderful Mexican feel without it being too spicy to enjoy. I always like the texture of Aero too, with its soft bubbles of chocolate. This was an impressive bar, it wouldn’t be my usual cup of tea but I’m so glad I tried it. It is grown up and different, and a nice change from the 2020 / 2021 trend of chocolate and orange.

Aero - Dark Chipotle

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paulham said...

Swap chipotle for a layer of soft caramel and I'm in!