7 January 2021

Oreos - Winter Edition Tin (@NLi10)

 Behold - a Christmas Present!

Here is the Winter Edition tin for Oreos.  It's probably collectable.  Lets eat them all anyway.

Those penguin Oreos look really cool - are they inside?

Of course not.  It's the most common three kinds 16 Original, 12 Brownie and 8 Gold.  
36 biscuits is quite good for a tin though so not complaining.

Huh - that's... unusual...

pretty logical though really.  More fit in, and they all stay fresh.  Still it's a shame - they released my favourite kind of Oreo in years this winter - and then they didn't put it in the tin.

For those that aren't familiar - gold ones are Custard Creams, Brown ones are Bourbon Biscuits, and the middle ones are dark biscuit and white cream - the classic Oreo.

All are great, but none are overwhelmingly new.  Just have to eat all these and use the tin for keeping more special flavours fresh. 

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