6 January 2021

Mars 95 Cal (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Mars 95 Cal

In case anyone is braving New Year's Resolutions this year, Mars has brought out a single stick to give you the authentic taste of Mars, but in a much slimmer version. This 21g bar is 95 calories, hence the name Mars 95 Cal. This could be perfect for chocolate lovers who just want a quick taste without shouldering the full calories of a traditional Mars Bar. It's slightly reminiscent of the size of a regular stick or finger of Twix.

On peeling back the wrapper and biting in, this Mars 95 Cal was gone in two mouthfuls. I was pretty much humouring it, as I'd usually dump a biscuit or chocolate bar or cake of that size straight in my gob without biting, but I wanted to try to savour it. Alas it was all over so quick that I didn't manage to savour the experience - I know, I know... "Name of your sex tape!"

Mars 95 Cal

I have to say though that the little Mars 95 Cal does taste of a regular Mars bar. I'd worked out in my kitchen gym an extreme amount earlier that day and my metabolism was roaring like an open furnace, so I downed the two Mars 95 Cals Cinabar had bought me to blog about, amongst a boat load of mixed chocolates from a grab tin we had over Christmas. My excuse is that I'd had a truck load of protein during the day and I needed plenty of calories to help fix my tired achy muscles overnight. Plus, I am rather partial to quite a bit of chocolate!

Mars 95 Cal


Paulham said...

If anyone dare gives me the finger they'll get it back with interest.

cinabar said...

lol - but yes.... they sell these in multi packs of 10, so yes even left reason to have one!