31 January 2021

Bacon Milkshake - Vegan style! @alpro @deliciou (by @NLi10)


I bought some magical bacon flavour dust - if you've not read about it then catch up in part 1!

This started out fairly logically - if bacon flavour dust works on bagels - does Nesquik strawberry dust work on bagels too?


And lightly dusted!

And - it's like a really cheap version of jam.  Has the flavour of strawberry but none of the good bits of texture.  It did get me thinking though - it's probably quite easy to do the reverse.

What would bacon milkshake taste like?!  We used to make all kinds of milkshakes as kids.  Fizzy drinks were incredibly rare in my family growing up - it was all high juice and similar healthy squash.  Ribena milkshake is awesome if you get the amounts right (it's basically a liquid pudding) - and you can even make an orange juice based shake, but that wasn't always as successful.

It's slowly becoming easier to get hold of the best Alpro (the no sugar, no roasted one is the absolute best) so I'm happy to use some up here.  

And I can spare some maple-bacon magic Deliciou dust for this experiment.  I guess this is about half a teaspoon?

It went a bit orange, and the smell wasn't as overpowering as with the powder on dryer things. Maybe I'm getting the hand of it.  The orange looks unnatural too.

And the taste? 

It's drinkable but it's not a pleasurable experience.  It's essentially a garlic and onion milkshake - the bacon smell is very much present but the flavour isn't as strong as with the bagels.  This is probably for the best.  There are lots of little bits floating in the milkshake too which is a little offputting.

Not one for the recipe book then, but one to mark as 'done'.

Other suggestions from people so far have been -
  • with scrambled eggs (great idea)
  • with hot chocolate (even worse idea than the milkshake)
  • in curry (another good plan)
  • and of course - with pancakes as I originally planned when I ordered this!
I may save the write up of the last one for pancake day, but if people want to see if the others work then do let me know via twitter or comments.


Stella said...

Pancakes and scrambled eggs.. eggellent ideas, the milkshake is a definite no no.. no need to even taste it! Think you are very brave for trying!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hot choc... from a completely anonymous source who didn’t already text you sbout this.

NLi10 said...

Maybe I will have to have a bacon & Chilli hot chocolate...