2 October 2021

Atom Quantum State (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Atom Quantum State

There is quite a fetching design on the front of this can. Atom Quantum State was created by the Atom Brewing Company. There is some blurb on the back of the can describing particle's behaviour at an atomic level not following Newton's Law and also about quantum physics modelling. The can mentions the quantum state being the mathematical entity used to describe reality. By the time I'd read that and tried to understand it I realised my beer was going warm. Some might say that it's a British thing to have warm beer anyway. Some Brits might say it tastes better the warmer the beer is, but I like it at least a little cool anyway!

This Atom Quantum State is a session ale at 4.2% in volume. So while scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the back of this can has to do with beer, they can at least drink some of it during their break. This session India Pale Ale is supposed to be brimming with tropical fruit flavours and citrus hops, as well as having a West Coast bite to its bitterness.

On opening this Atom Quantum State there was indeed a tropical and citrus fruitiness to the hops inside, followed by the sweet aroma of pale malts. On taste this slightly misty golden IPA has the tropical fruity hops and citrus zestiness that the can promises, and a familiar bite I would attribute to West Coast IPAs I have tried in the past. There are sweet crisp and fresh pale malts to finish with. This Atom Quantum State is a refreshing lip smacking ale, even if the back of the can confused me with its relevance to beer to start with.

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