10 October 2021

Cadbury’s Mini Bonfire Logs (@NLi10)

 It’s seasonal variation time again! Skipping straight through Halloween (the best snack holiday because everything is slimy and orangey) we are treated to something for Guy Fawkes - where everything tastes of burning!

Here we see the classic mini roll - but with a fiery twist! Part of me was hoping this would be chilli jam, but wisely they went down the honeycomb route.

Logs are individually wrapped - which is fine now that we can recycle this stuff locally - and infection friendly.

And the one I had seemed to be a little cracked - I wondered if this was deliberate shaping, but it’s more likely it just got a bit squished in transit.

And the insides are certainly interesting! A definite honeycomb flavour, but with one of the crunch. More of a burnt caramel flavour I think than honey - but it worked surprisingly well.

On theme, on flavour, and while disappointingly small - a decent little snack!

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