31 October 2021

2KG of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (@NLi10)


I get through quite a lot of cereal, so when the opportunity presented itself to pick up 2kg at the same time - and get a good deal on price - I snapped it up.  I even sent Cinabar a picture of the twins in the trolly.

Almond milk in shot too!  They were adopted into the house and given their own chair - but Luna wasn't too worried.

So - what's in the box? All that lovely vitamin D that makes people crave Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (seriously - if you get those cravings get the supplement and shortcut the cereal part!) - and some nutrition.

30g though - is that what you think we are eating?

x33 portions in a box?  That seems unlikely - lets test it out!

Also - if you want us to try the nice new cereal bar how about popping one in with this 2kg mega-purchase?!!

Sharpie attached to box for accurate tracking.  Only I am allowed to eat these cereals - see you in 33 days!!

Or - you know - sooner.

After 10 days this is all that is left.

That's not a full portion - I'm beginning to think that Kellogg's gave out these huge bowls to normalise me eating more!!

So - I got 10.5 portions out of a 33 portion box.  That really impacts the value of this deal.  And the size for storing these was a bit of an issue (one of the twins had to live in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter).

If you know you are already intending to eat these then it's a good deal (although they should add that cereal bar for me to try) but it's a little disingenuous that the portion size has shrunk to make it seem healthier.


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