29 October 2021

Cookies and Scream S’mores Brownie (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

Cookies and Scream S’mores Brownie (Marks and Spencer)

This year I think the award for best Halloween foods goes to Marks and Spencers, I mean just look at this fabulous Cookies and Scream S’mores Brownie. I have had a few things from Marks and Spencers and the creative goodies this year do no disappoint. Doesn’t this just look amazing, I could wait to try it out. The idea is that you bake it (well heat it up really) at home, it just needed 8 minutes in an oven to warm through.

I unpacked the Brownie and noted it was topped with fluffy mallows, cookie bits and decorations. After it came out of the oven the marshmallows melted and did the proper American “S’mores’” thing and went crispy too. It was a little gooey and messy to serve so we ended up sharing it and having it in bowls, with spoons. So posh lol.

Oh my this is sweet and and rich and gooey and a complete treat. I love the variation in texture from the brownie, the melted mallows and the crunchy cookie on top, it worked like a dream. There was chocolate flavours and sugary goodness. The whole thing was very sweet. I have a sweet tooth so all was good.

This Cookies and Scream S’mores Brownie is a fun themed food and it is a bit of treat, perfect for a Halloween night in.

Cookies and Scream S’mores Brownie (Marks and Spencer)

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