9 October 2021

Bad Kitty Beer (Brass Castle Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Bad Kitty Beer (Brass Castle Brewery)

This Bad Kitty is a vanilla Porter from the Brass Castle Brewery boxset that Cinabar bought for me a while back. At 5.5% in volume Bad Kitty is described as a "robust dark Porter, enhanced with vanilla". I'm going to treat this as a pudding beer. I have fish, chips and a battered sausage for dinner tonight, so washing that all down with a few fruit cream biscuits afterwards will be a treat.

On opening Bad Kitty there was a heavy roasted coffee aroma from the dark depths of the can. On pouring out this almost black Porter into my waiting beer glass the roasted coffee aroma intensified. On taste there was a smooth creaminess to the roasted chocolate malt, but there was then a sour taste which mixed with the sheer bitterness of the heavy coffee flavour that overpowered anything else. I couldn't seem to get on with Bad Kitty in the end, as it just refused to behave!

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