12 October 2021

Sticky Toffee HobNob Biscuits (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Sticky Toffee HobNob Biscuits

This sounds like a lovely new flavour for the colder months, here we have Sticky Toffee HobNob Biscuits, I won’t lie my favourite twist on McVities biscuits came last year in the format of Gingerbread Digestives and they are going to take a bit of beating. I am always happy to try new flavours though.

So these biscuits are based on the very rich dessert, and are also coated in milk chocolate. I gave one a try and it was a nice biscuit. I have to admit I had been hoping for a sticky layer of toffee under the milk chocolate and that wasn’t there, the flavour was baked in. The toffee flavour too was quite caramel like and as such it was pleasant. These are Hobnob biscuits but with an added bit of sweetness from a caramel/toffee taste. Not quite as exciting as the packaging had me thinking. Having said that they were still good, the oat flavour still shone through and they were nice to eat. They are not that exciting though, I think there was lot more potential with these biscuits to have a strong proper sticky toffee pudding taste and maybe some added gooey texture. No contest for the Gingerbread Digestives they are still top of the tin.

Sticky Toffee HobNob Biscuits

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