4 October 2021

Walker Chicken Burrito Crisps (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Walker Chicken Burrito Crisps

I love the limited edition crisps from Walkers, I always get excited to try out the new flavours but nothing makes me happier than a variation of new chicken flavour crisps. Also one of my favourite meals out is to have Chicken Burritos too so yes I may be a little biased about these crisps even before I open the bag. Bring it on.

These Walker Chicken Burrito Crisps are one of the new flavours in the Walkers “Taste Icons” range which is supporting local restaurants, there is even a money off voucher on the bag. I opened up the bag and the aroma was lovely, chicken but also a creamy scent too. I gave one a try and found that they were really good, there is a nice chicken base flavour, some mild spices mixed in a sour cream dip flavour in the after taste. I was impressed by how well they had recreated the flavour of a chicken burrito, it was a good fresh flavour and worked ever so well. I mean yes I am biased but oh my these do just work, they are such a tasty bag of crisps. I am rather pleased I picked up two multipack as these won’t last long in the cupboard.

Walker Chicken Burrito Crisps

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