28 October 2021

Jus-Rol Garlic & Herb Tear & Share really needs better instructions... (@NLi10)

 Many months ago we did a series of reviews for the Jus-Rol recipe products.  I had great fun making things on Sunday mornings - just some sweet pastries without all the faff of making the pastry.  As I was very familiar with the items themselves it wasn't a problem to navigate the bad instructions.

Here though it's a little more obtuse - as we'll see as we go along.

Is the baking loaf the baking pan you mentioned earlier? Did we need a specific size pan? How are we supposed to arrange things?  It really could have done with a link to a pro video by the company like the coffee pods have!

At least I can pop the cans successfully this time!


Turns out it's a series of disks - kinda makes sense?

Six in total - chop 3 into quarters - put in pan

look at all the confusing gaps - was I supposed to smush them? Will it expand?

So - melt the butter and drizzle on?  Um - is it supposed to look like this?

Granted the tin is too big - and my butter plus the garlic butter seems to be too swimming.  We didn't add cheese but that was partially as it already looked overwhelmed by dairy.

While it was cooking I had a look online for other bloggers first attempts with this - and they were all similarly haphazzard.  There were bread piles, tray-bakes, and no one ended up with the box picture.

Ours isn't too bad in the end!  The butter essentially fried the bottom but it cooked through and had decent flavours.

Some bits were crispier than others.  

Next time I think we'd measure out the 3 circles worth of bread quarters (so 3x4 I guess) and make a 'loaf' tin out of tinfoil for it to sit in.  I'm still not sure if it was supposed to rise and mingle more, we did essentially make doughballs (which is fine).

I think also the garlic sauce might have been better as a dip than in the butter bath - but I'm not sure that's what they intended.

It was nice though - and we enjoyed eating it - if not the confusing experience.  We will have to try the savoury style recipes again.

And if anyone knows what we were supposed to do then let us know!


Anonymous said...

The box tells you the recommended baking tin size?!

NLi10 said...

Yeah - but two steps after you've already oiled up your chosen one - and it's only recommended so I stuck with the chosen one. A narrower deeper one would have probably ended up frying more of the bread.

Jane H said...

Sorry but Yuk. Far too salty , silly instructions too.

Unknown said...

Had one of these last night and also found the instructions to be terribly written. Why does it say an "extra" 30g of butter is needed since it hadn't mentioned using any butter up to that point?