27 October 2021

Voodoo Ranger Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Voodoo Ranger Beer

I like the Iron Maiden look on the front of this Voodoo Ranger can. At 5.3% in volume this New Belgian Hazy IPA has the murky feel of Halloween to it. And Halloween is just around the corner. After a long and troubled day at work there's nothing like sinking back a cool beer…

I say 'Troubled' because I'm new and I still don't really know what I'm doing. I'm getting half lessons on things and cryptic messages on others. Half of the things I'm doing I'm playing by ear, so I feel like a ranger in my own living room right now working my way through admin work like an undead zombie. So this Voodoo Ranger beer seems quite apt at the moment. I have a three month contract. I get the feeling I may know more about what I'm doing at the end of the three months, but as they say in war… "It'll be all over by Christmas!"

On opening the can Voodoo Ranger leapt unexpectedly out at me like a zombie hungering for brains. This excitable India Pale Ale ended up partly in my mouth and partly all over my hand. Strong sweet pale malts with herbal hops assaulted my nostrils as I poured out the pale murky golden contents of the can. On taste this Voodoo Ranger has a bite of herbal hops like a zombie wearing a cowboy hat, quickly followed by those sumptuous sweet pale malts into the aftertaste.

Have a good evening… "Bwuh hah hah haaaa!"

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