3 October 2021

Local Eateries - Tropea & Mount Nemrut (@NLi10)


A little bit different today - I do have new products in the house to review - the only problem is I haven't eaten them yet! So ...  Here are some lovely local places I've eaten this week.

First up is Tropea in Harborne - a place we didn't even consider for a while as it's branding and front look much more like a tanning place than an Italian Cafe!

I had a late Italian breakfast - exciting sausage and eggs.  The bread was luxury too.  Took a while to arrive - I don't think they anticipated quite as many people!

I'm not sure what the egg mix was but it tasted great, and the sausages were meaty enough for twice their size.  The flavours were fresh and exciting, and as the menu looks to change frequently it's an easy excuse to pop back again.  I got a Cannelloni for take-out but I think they made it fresh and it didn't survive the trip home...

We also went to Mount Nemrut in Bearwood with work people the week before.  I had my usual Sarma Chicken (which I really should have learned the name of by now) which is kebabs, wrapped in flatbread with lovely sauces too.  I could have this every time and not get bored - but because there were a group of us I got to steal other meaty dishes too as a swap.  Fun times.

I also had a couple of the cocktails too - long island iced tea as their signature mix wasn't available.

I feel a little safer eating out at the moment as the restaurants have good procedures in place, but with cases still high its a risky treat still.

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Mevrouw Niekje said...

All sounds lovely and looks very tasty! Regards Nicolet - the Netherlands