15 October 2021

Mallow & Marsh Mint Marshmallows (Tesco) By @cinabar

Mallow & Marsh Mint Marshmallows

I don’t care that these were in the Christmas gift section of the supermarket, I don’t care that I’m eating them myself and not even thinking about gifting them. This is about as much of a rebel that I am. :-D I do have a new found love of marshmallows and find them perfect for snacking on with a film. So these are my Friday night treat.

Inside the bag are dark chocolate coated mallows, the chocolate was a little bit flakey but the marshmallows are squishy so it is bound to come off in places. I loved the contrast of the two textures it is one of the things that make these fun to eat.

The soft mallow has a medium strength mint, it isn’t strong like an After Eight but on the other hand there is enough mint to make it work and still have some of the marshmallow taste shine though. Mint and dark chocolate works so very well together and these are no exception, they were a lovely treat even if it was a little self indulgent. If you are gifting these Mallow & Marsh Mint Marshmallows have no worries they are pure yum.

Mallow & Marsh Mint Marshmallows

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