11 October 2021

Port Wine Derby Cheese (Tesco) By @cinabar

Port Wine Derby Cheese

One of the great things about the Christmas season is that the range of cheeses in shops seems to expand, and even better we get a few new curious cheese combinations to try. I could hardly miss this new Port Wine Derby Cheese in Tesco, it was such a different colour to everything else on the counter. It was a fabulous shade of burgundy and was rippled with colour, it is a proper stand out cheese.

The Port Wine Derby Cheese is a firm but creamy cheese and I thought gauging it from the colour it would have a strong port flavour but in fact it was quite delicate in taste. I loved the lighter flavour as it let the cheese taste come through too without being overpowering. The port is a nice twist of warmth running through it. It is a flavour to savour. We enjoyed it with olives and salami and it made a fabulous quick tea. I say quick the rosemary focaccia was not quick but that is worth the time and effort.

Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what new cheeses we have out this year and this particular Port Wine Derby Cheese will definitely have a space on our Christmas cheeseboard.

Port Wine Derby Cheese


Anonymous said...

is'nt this just another name for Red Windsor cheese?

cinabar said...

Red Windsor is a cheddar flavoured with Bordeaux (sometimes Port) and is usually pink, this is a softer creamier cheese Derby flavoured with Port and is a dark burgundy in colour - but yes you are right, they are very similar.