7 October 2021

Spam Fritters For Tea from Iceland - in 2021! (@NLi10)

 We decided to have a quick look round the local Iceland shop as it was raining and picking up cool food is a good idea. And then I spotted these odd things.  We reviewed Spam a while back as they sent us vouchers - but it’d never had spam fritters!

So - along with veggie treats I picked them up

And look at that lovely branding and packaging.

Who could resist this British treat of really pink pork, but in batter?

Basically Pork Nuggets!

Today we’ve decided to eat like 10 year olds!

Pink bits!

And yeah - these were actually quite nice. The spam flavour is milder than I remember, but maybe that’s me getting old. And the batter made it more of a meal thing than just Spam with salad at every birthday party from my childhood at my dads parents.

Great nostalgia and a nice change to breaded chicken. Worth a punt! (Unless yr veggie…)

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