1 November 2021

Christmas Pudding Flavour Yoghurt (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Christmas Pudding Flavour Yoghurt (Morrisons)

Halloween is now done for this year, so I think Christmas goodies are now fair game. First up we have from Morrisons The Best range this new Christmas Pudding Flavour Yoghurt. I had this as a sweet treat at lunch time after a sandwich. It should have been with a turkey sandwich (but it was ham and tomato chutney) but the yoghurt was festive at least. I pulled back the lid and the yoghurt was pale in colour, but it was speckled with spices. The texture of the yoghurt it really good, it is thick and creamy and feels very rich.

The flavour is an impressive recreation of Christmas pudding and it did it so better than I thought it would. There was lots of fruit and spice in the flavour, the raisins shone through as did the punchy hit of citrus peel. I really enjoy Christmas spices and cinnamon so found myself scraping the pot after lunch. There is also quite a bit of cream in the recipe and this made the whole thing rather luxurious to eat, which was nice to brighten up a particularly cold dark Monday. The clocks went back so everything looks dark early now! Let’s get the Christmas stuff out and brighten it up.

Christmas Pudding Flavour Yoghurt (Morrisons)

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