6 November 2021

Big Cinder Toffee Stout (@WeeBeerShop @NewBristol) By @SpectreUK

New Bristol Big Cinder Toffee Stout

"Thank Crunchy it's Friday!"

Okay, so you're reading this on Saturday, but I'm writing this blog on Friday evening. After another tough and frustrating week of pushing paper around my work laptop, Friday has sneaked up from nowhere and pounced on me. And I'm very glad of it too. I have another four weeks of this troublesome role, with troublesome colleagues, bosses and paperwork to match. I'm counting the hours, let alone the days left to a few months off back rehabilitating my knee, shoulder, and all other aches and pains, gripes and moans for the rest of the year and for a couple of months into 2022. I have some work to do on my heart and mind also, so I'm badly in need of some rest, sauna and steam room time.

This Big Cinder Toffee Stout was produced by the Big Bristol Brewery. At 6.5% in volume it's described on the back of the can as "liquidised crunchy bars in a stout". I haven't had a Cadbury's Crunchy chocolate bar for ages. I do love Cinder Toffee and chocolate. I love a good chocolate stout too, so I'm really looking forward to this beer. I reckon it will go down a treat as a pudding stout after my Fish, chips an£ battered sausage from the local chippy for dinner.

On opening the can the almost black contents indeed smelled like liquidised crunchy bars. Oh my, I could smell that aroma all night. It had me salivating at the thought of diving in. I poured this Big Cinder Toffee Stout into my waiting glass beer tankard. Gosh, I could get lost in that blackness. I was already regretting just having one can in stock of this stout and I hadn't even tasted it yet!

I just couldn't put it off anymore. On first over eager swig I tasted the cinder toffee straight away. Mmm… gorgeous! The roasted chocolate malts then interweaved with the sweet cinder toffee goodness. A little coffee flavour with a smidgen of bitter herbel hops touched my tastebuds at the back of the mouthful, only to be pounced on by those sweet cinder toffee and roasted chocolate malts into the aftertaste. These sweet cinder toffee and chocolate malt flavours stayed in my mouth beckoning me back to the depths of my black beautiful beer tankard once more. Gosh, you need to try this Big Cinder Toffee Stout, and make sure you buy more than one can!

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