12 November 2021

Gingerbread Pretzel Flipz (Asda) By @Cinabar

Gingerbread Pretzel Flipz

I do really enjoy Flipz as I like the mix of sweet and salty pretzel underneath. These are the small crunchy American style pretzels, not to be confused with the large fluffy ones from Europe. There are quite a few different flavours of Flipz available, both in the UK and from import shops, but here we have a wonderful new seasonal variety; Gingerbread Pretzel Flipz.

Inside he bag are dark cream coloured pretzels with an icing drizzle. I gave one a try an was super impressed by the flavour. The icing is a sweet gingerbread taste, not too spicy and with an almost treacle like taste. It was a decent recreation of gingerbread. The salt catches from the crunchy pretzel and it totally lights up the gingerbread taste, it was like a sprinkling of magic. Sweet and savoury. As each taste is different depending on the amount of salt underneath it, it makes them really interesting and really moreish to eat. These are probably my favourite edition of Flipz pretzels to date and definitely a flavour I’ll be stocking up on. That large bag of Gingerbread Pretzel Flipz did not last long.

Gingerbread Pretzel Flipz

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