2 November 2021

Chocolate Orange Popcorn (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Chocolate Orange Popcorn (Tesco)

I think this product has launched as part of the Christmas festivities but the packaging isn’t decorated with Christmas trees or anything too obvious. There is some red on the wrapper and their is a bit of gold glitter, it reminds of those seasonal wrapping papers you buy that you think you can also get away with using for birthday gifts throughout the year!

Anyway I saw this new bag of Chocolate Orange Popcorn in Tesco and thought I’d give it the taste test while catching up on belated horror film season from Halloween. I opened up the bag and there was a lovely scent of chocolate and orange. The popcorn pieces were medium sized but the glaze over them was dark and shiny in places.

I gave a piece a try and the glaze is pleasingly crunch giving way to the popcorn underneath. The flavour is very well balanced, a nice hit of chocolate and orange, but not over powering of the corn flavour. It just worked really well. I always say that texture is one of the best things about snacks and this is what made this Tesco Chocolate Orange Popcorn so enjoyable to munch on, that crackly coating was lovely.

This is one I’ll buy again perfect too for a Christmas film night in, or as the bag isn’t covered in Santa Clauses any other choice too. ;-)

Chocolate Orange Popcorn (Tesco)

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