28 November 2021

Reese's, Hershey & Bahlsen - pink chocolate and Halloween leftovers by @NLi10

Discount chocolate is ace.  Today are some things that I picked up post Halloween for lower prices to try. 

I collated these all into a video if that is more your style. 

First up is the Reese's OVERLOAD - which is essentially a Reese's shape with slightly more biscuit inside.  It's nice - but it's not unexpected.

And don't get me wrong - as a discount snack I'm very happy with this.  I just would probably get a Twix for the regular price.

And here we have some discount pink chocolate - better than half price in Sainsbury's.  I love this generally, the mix of sugar and fruit is the foundation of my childhood.  This fondant approximation is fine - but the Pocky ones have better fruit, and white mice are more my style for the choc.

Enjoyable - but very much a small chunk at a time choc. Too sweet with too little flavour for mass snackage.

And now we have Messino Pink G&T ... well... Jaffa cakes!

Look like Jaffa Cakes! Taste like pink fruity alcohol.

Very hard to photo.  Again - pretty cheap and well worth the entry price - but unlike the regular cakes I could only eat a couple of these at a time. 

It's nice to get the best of the best when they get launched, but picking up three times as much when they get reduced is also pretty awesome!

Hope some of these are still floating around for people now.

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