13 November 2021

Meet Me Underwater Seaweed Beer (@BrassCastleBeer) By @SpectreUK

Meet Me Underwater Seaweed Beer (Brass Castle Beer)

"Meet Me Underwater" sounds like some sort of cryptic message between lovers on holiday in a beach resort, or even a couple who meet in the spa pool at the gym and start seeing each other there on a regular basis. From the heat of some sunny far off place to the heat of a sauna, there is always thirst that needs quenching after passionate moments!

Meet Me Underwater is the last of my Brass Castle Brewery beers that Cinabar bought for me a while back. This Sabro & Mosaic Red IPA is flavoured with Seaweed. This is a famous beer, as it's recently been on the Hairy Bikers cooking programme. I haven't seen the episode myself, but Cinabar and her mom enjoyed it. I still haven't forgiven one of them for his terrible Strictly Come Dancing performances, and taking the criticism waaaay too seriously!

I've been a bit hit and miss with Brass Castle Brewery beers. Some I've enjoyed, some I've disliked so much I've struggled to finish them. I like citrus tropical hops flavours, so I can't see a problem with the Sabro and Mosaic hops. I love India Pale Ales. I've even liked a seaweed flavoured beer in the past. So I can't see any problems there either. And lore, looking at the ingredients the 'red' in this beer is malted rye! Oh my, I absolutely adore rye beer!

On opening Meet Me Underwater, this 6.5% in volume rye red IPA… (just typing 'rye' makes me so excited, as I haven't seen a rye beer for a couple of years at least…) had an aroma of citrus tropical hops and a touch of spice from the rye. Rye, rye, rye… yippie! This deep red (because of the RYE) IPA has a perfect balance of bitter tropical hops from the Sabro, with slight pine and floral favours from the Mosaic, merging sublimely with the sweet pale malts and spiciness from the… wait for it… rye!

Gosh, this is probably my favourite beer of this year so far. Although I may be a little biased towards the malted rye?! There is the merest hint of seaweed under all that beautiful spice from the rye after it merges with the bitter hops. If the can hadn't mentioned it, I'd probably not have noticed the seaweed, as I may be slightly over excited about the RYE! I'd certainly have plenty more of these cans in stock for warming me up over the winter months.

So Meet Me Underwater, in the sauna or wherever you like, just see if you can find me a rye beer on the way!

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