24 November 2021

Vimto Flying Saucers (GB Gifts) By @SpectreUK

Vimto Flying Saucers

I've loved Vimto since I was a young boy. Sometimes I feel I've been alive so long it takes quite a bit for my memory to track back that far. I was definitely as rotten at spelling then as I am now. Predictive text can be a pain on many devices. If I didn't keep looking up whilst I type this blog very nearly ended up being called "Vimeo Flying Sausages"!

I've popped open a bottle of Vimto cordial to have a glass with these Vimto Flying Saucers. Don't worry I'll add water! A friend of ours from across the great pond sent us a clip of someone drinking undiluted Ribena the other day, because that's how she thought it should be drunk. Oh, well… she seemed to like it though.

Anyway, the mixed flavours of grapes, raspberries, and blackcurrants in Vimto always take me back to my childhood, no matter how long it takes to finish the drink just to wind back the years. I do like to eat sweets. They make me feel young. I do like to feel young.

Two people have called me, "Young Man" today, which is always nice. My dad used to call me that all the time. No matter how many years roll by, no matter how many ups and downs, trials and scars we try to learn from and heal from, most people are still kids inside. Most adults are generally falling over ourselves and making it up as we go along.

Flying Saucers have always been a big favourite of mine. I usually bite the wafer disc in half, lick all the sherbet out and eat the rest of the Flying Saucer. It feels like a just comeuppance for Mars Attacks. This method of eating usually goes well unless I sneeze half the way through eating a flying saucer and end up covered in sherbet.

On opening the bag each Vimto Flying Saucer has "Vimto" on one side and words such as "I see Vimto in you" and "cheeky rascal" on the other side, and of course don't forget the screaming pile of Alien sherbet inside. They must know how I eat Flying Saucers. Unfortunately I don't think I've been called a "cheeky rascal" in forty years.

Eating these Vimto Flying Saucers in my traditional way whilst drinking a heavy on the cordial glass of Vimto was a blast. Pure joy really. It doesn't take a lot to get me going, I can tell you. There were fruity flavours both in the wafer and the sherbet. The sherbet had a light fizz whilst eating it. All washed down with my fruity Vimto drink.

I'm now back in full rehabilitation for my knee, shoulder and other injuries and a few months to recover after fifteen months of rotten jobs, some not so nice people and not much fun at the best of times. After getting up at 6am and exercising until 10am, then spending a good couple of hours in the sauna and steam room, then a COVID-19 booster jab, and some supermarket shopping, it feels good to kick back and eat some really good sweets. So I've got my Vimto, my Vimto Flying Saucers, and now all I need is some kids TV… Thunderbirds anyone?

Information on the packet; The 40g bag contains 367 calories per 100g, with 0.5g of fat, 56g of sugar, and 0.93g of salt. The ingredients have natural colours, and natural Vimto flavours including extracts from fruits. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Vimto Flying Saucers

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