21 November 2021

New Cadbury Plant Bar - Almonds/Salted Caramel by @NLi10 (@Sainsburys)

In the supermarket (Sainsbury's) about an hour ago a lady introduced us to the newest addition to the Cadbury line-up

Cadbury Plant Bar

I decided to move today's beer review to Thursday and talk about it today - I even made a video!

Have you watched it? We really need the views! 

Oh well - most of our regulars are text based anyway 😊 here's the details.

Cadbury don't really have any overtly Vegan products - which is a shame - but the fact they gave us a leaflet shows they are serious.

So - it's Cadbury chocolate - but without the famous Dairy Milk - will the taste survive?

Both have opted for almonds which is a great choice - I love almond milk.  It's a lot flatter than I expected though - the cubes have almost vanished.

And here is the first version - the plain so to speak.  This tastes a lot like Dairy Milk chocolate.  It's not dark in any way - in fact I'd have guessed that this was dairy chocolate made lighter in some way.  The classic Cadbury taste is less evident than in some of their products (like the Rocky Road from their on-site cafe up the road in Bourneville) but it's there.

I like this and I think that in a blind test most people would say it's Cadbury and not guess that it's Vegan.

Next up we have the salted caramel version - you can see the bits! 

This is a lot sweeter than the first bar - almost too much for me.  I managed three flats of the first bar, but after two of this I was ready to stop.  I ate the third for science.

On reflection I think this has a more exciting flavour, but the first bar is a lot more snackable.  I'm never a fan of the Cadbury Caramel range though so maybe this wasn't meant for me.

Do try to hunt this down (seemingly exclusive to Sainsbury's in UK at the moment) and have a try.  The more people that like this then the more sustainable the whole range will become.

It's good chocolate after all - if not a little expensive at £2.50 for 90g.

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