11 November 2021

Eridanous - Greek Style Bougasta - bake at home Nutella pastry (@NLi10)

Well - we've finally eptied the last of this Greek inspired range from the freezer that we got from Lidl! We've had Gyros  at home and before that, well we had Gyros on pizza at home so maybe I didn't get that adventurous with it all - until now!

Now we have that Greek delicacy of - Nutella turnover.

Admittedly this is an odd one - I bought it on the off-chance that we would have visitors.  It's really an eat all at once deal - and it's really a 4+ portion thing.  That said - I got desperate so we shared it one evening...

And that's all it is - some pastry, folded over and filled with a couple of grades of hazelnut spread.  I could probably manage this with box of the Jus Rol stuff.  You do get a tray to cook it in - and the JusRol stuff always has the same flavour.

And *poof* it's half way cooked - looks a little crispy, we now have to flip it.

Fairly close to the box art - I stand corrected - maybe there is more going on here than I suspected.

A little squashed really - I think our oven doesn't get hot enough!  And it was lovely.  Eating half of it to myself (OK - just over half) was a huge mistake - I essentially had a week's sugar in one meal.  Shared between 4-6 of you with ice-cream this would be an amazing at-home treat.

Hopefully Lidl have some similar deals and ranges next year - I've loved what I've tried this time.

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