5 November 2021

Veggie Pasty & Herby Crisps (@NLi10)

Bit of a mix today - a few things I started to look at but then didn't end up reviewing.

First we have the sweet potato waffles we've had here before (just as nice - but healthier?)

And a plant-based Moroccan spiced vegetable pasty.  This was me - choosing to have the veggie option over the easy meat option of the beef/chicken pasty.  This just sounded exciting.

And unlike this cooking layout - it was exciting.  Like all the veg you'd get on a BBQ skewer, but wrapped in a lovely crispy pastry.  Very much a victory and I'd be happy to have this veggie delight again.  Wasn't much to look at inside though (coloured veggies!) so I didn't take that.


And lastly we have Pipers Farmer Crisps - Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary Crisps! That's a lot of adjectives.  I'd not have chosen these.

So what do you get?

Herby crisps!

It's actually quite a good one - these taste like luxury roast potatoes.  Making crisps that taste more like 'dinner' potatoes than chips is frankly a genius move.  If you like roast dinners then you'll love these.

Now I've tried them I'd happily have them again.


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