25 November 2021

VOCATION special edition Triple Vision Triple IPA by @NLi10

 I like the odd beer - and this one certainly looks odd!  I found it on holiday in September (possibly Tesco?) when we did a drinks run and it's survived until now.

A quick aside - the other beer I bought by this company I drank at the time, and it wasn't anything exciting - so I'd expected this to be the same (but stronger).

So - what is it besides awesome art?

Three kinds of hops? Loads of fruit?  Sounds awesome to me and exactly what I want in a beer with takeaway situation.

One of my friends hated it - the other loved it's massive frutiness.

I was also a big fan - I think those first initial sips as the bubbles bring all the flavour out were the best.  So its a really good drinking drink, but the deep flavours really complemented the (char-sui pork) curry that I had.  

I'd worried that it would be an evil strong concoction, but it was surprisingly light and the perfect size for a social meal with friends.  And I got to take the pretty can home too!

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