30 November 2021

M&S Collection 6 x Mince Pies (Ocado) By @cinabar

M&S Collection 6 x Mince Pies

I have tried a few different mince pies this year already in an attempt to find some really good ones. I have tried several supermarket own brands, which are all good and some classic Mr Kipling, again you can’t go wrong with these. To be honest there isn’t a bad mince pie out there. To be fair most of them are of a similar quality, and it varies between whether you prefer a sweeter or sharper taste and how much pasty you like. However when I picked up a box of the rather posh sounding M&S Collection 6 x Mince Pies I was pleased to say that these were my favourites so far.

M&S Collection 6 x Mince Pies

The pies look look very smart and have a star (snowflake?) pattern on the top. The pastry isn’t too thick, but has a lovely buttery taste. There is plenty of filling inside, it is quite generous. The flavour of the mince pie is seasonal and fruity, the mincemeat has a slightly sour tang from the currents but has lots of spices and a warming tough of cognac flavour. These are proper luxury mince pies and my favourites of the shop bought ones. However if you know of some that you think maybe be better let me know, I’m happy to try some more varieties in the name of research.

M&S Collection 6 x Mince Pies

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Anonymous said...

Mince pies from Greggs are delicious!