20 November 2021

Brewdog Parma Violets New England IPA (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Brewdog Parma Violets New England IPA

I honestly have no idea why Cinabar thought it would be a good idea to buy me this Parma Violets New England IPA, by Brewdog. I hate Parma Violets. To me they were the punishment sweets left at the bottom of the assorted sweets bag for someone else to throw away. Cinabar must be wanting to torture me for some reason or other…

Parma Violets are traditionally made with British Violets. If I had reading glasses I still wouldn't be able to read the ingredients on the insanely coloured can. At 5.5% in volume this Parma Violets New England IPA won't be strong enough in alcohol content to numb the flavour. In fact I can't imagine a percentage high enough that would numb the flavour. I realise you can only ever have 100% of something, but numbing Parma Violets would take far more than a gerbillion percent!

I initially thought this Parma Violets New England IPA would be a sweet pudding beer due to it's name. On opening the can there was the aroma of strong floral hops. Actually I thought it was a pretty decent smell. Strong, bitter and floral. I'm used to floral hops just as much as I am used to many other hops varieties. I remember I do love heather flavoured ale, so things were looking up.

On taste this murky golden India Pale Ale is really heavy in floral nature. I could say it was Violets in the flavour if I could have read the ingredients. I must get my eyes tested! I'm slightly frustrated that I liked it. Cinabar will be even more frustrated as I still reckon she is trying to torture me. I was so sure I'd hate this Parma Violets New England IPA and would tip it away in disgust, but actually it's a really floral flavoursome beer with a sweetness towards the aftertaste from the pale and possibly crystal malts. I don't think I've ever tasted such a floral ale before, definitely not in the pale variety. I'd actually quite happily have another!

Brewdog Parma Violets New England IPA

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