7 November 2021

Richmond Meat Free Smoked Bacon Rashers - first good vegan bacon? (@NLi10)

 We reviewed the other half of this combo - the meat free mine - a few weeks ago.  Finally I'm catching up on all the regular things after that Halloween rush.

And well - here they are - the facon, phacon, meat-free bacon of this new range.  Far too realistic for my veggie partner to even consider trying - but firmly living in the uncanny valley for bacon cloning.

Ever wanted to eat the same slice of bacon 8 times? well now you can!  I think food manufacturers underestimate the 'alien' sensation that having a box full of identical cuts of meat provides.  If we are to lab grow meat in the future this needs to be factored in.

I expected them to shrink a little faster so used the small pan - and as this is the veggie pan it felt slightly transgressive! it's nice that they've used colour to show that it's bacon but they also added the smell that a lot of artificial bacon things use.  This is now quite familiar (as some pre-packaged meat uses it too!) and so ironically this works.

They do crisp up decently - the ones on the box look like they were deep fried to get that super crispy outer - these have just sizzled in the oil I provided.

And I just dropped them artistically on some pasta for a very basic dinner.  The texture isn't bad actually - it's not bacon - but it's not offensive.  I'd actually say they've made Turkey Bacon here instead of Pork - which is odd - but I think that's a texture thing again.  The flavour is like meaty, smokey pork bacon and will repulse any life-long vegetarian (I had to open the windows!) but for me I could happily have these as a relatively long-life option to bacon that can happily sit in the fridge until needed.  Maybe I'll slice the remaining ones and pop them in a Carbonara?

I expect to have these again - but I think the mince worked better.

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