3 November 2021

Firecatcher Golden Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK


Guy Fawkes night is just around the corner on the 5th of November. For the next few nights much of the United Kingdom usually sounds like a war zone every evening, with many households traditionally letting off as many fireworks as they can, whilst the other households are watching their fireworks on the sly.

Guido Fawkes was part of a gang of people who decided to blow up the Houses of Parliament during the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. Guy wasn't the ring leader as such, he just seemed to have the coolest name. The gang were all caught after their failed attempt and summarily hung, drawn and quartered for trying.

This Firecatcher golden ale was produced by a favourite local brewer of mine; the Wychwood Brewery. You can see why I picked it so close to Guy Fawkes night. This 3.5% in volume session ale sports flavours of warming honey and bitter goosebury. Presumably it's low alcohol by volume is useful for not blowing yourself up whilst setting off fireworks or whatever you may be setting alight to on Bonfire Night.

On opening the bottle there was definitely a fruity goosebury aroma coming from the shining bright golden ale as I poured it into my waiting beer glass. The bitter goosebury flavoured hops set fire to my tastebuds to begin with a bit of spice, quickly followed by sweet honeyed flavours from the malts into the aftertaste. This is a warming spicy beer that goes down very well on a dark cold night. It certainly went well with my beef stew and Yorkshire Puddings. Lovely!

Whatever you're up to just remember to watch your hands and eyes with fireworks and Sparklers, and stay as safe as possible. Have a good explosive evening!

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