8 November 2021

Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKat (Ocado) By @cinabar

Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKat

The very best thing about Winter and Christmas is the surge in products flavoured with cinnamon, which is my favourite spice. I have picked up a few goodies to try, but these new Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKats caught my eye. It won’t come as any surprise that one of my favourite biscuits are the Lotus Caramelised Biscuits, the idea of combining this flavour with Kit Kat sounded like genius to me.
Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKat

I love the two stick KitKat bars too as they are only 103 calories which means they are a nice sweet treat with an afternoon coffee and they don’t make me feel too guilty if I just need a little bit of a chocolate fix. The moment the wrapper was off I could smell the cinnamon biscuit and I couldn’t wait to try the Kit Kat. The usual wafers are present (the caramelised biscuit doesn’t replace them), but there is a layer of biscuit fillings in their too. The flavour is sweet and the cinnamon very gently warming. I loved the twist of spice, such a perfect addition. I wasn’t expecting the biscuit layer to add as much sweetness as it did but the chocolate worked well with it and it certainly felt much higher in a calories than it was, the only problem I have is how to stop at one bar when I bought a multipack? :-D

Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKat

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zeddy said...

Extremely "meh" from me.

I remember when there was a REAL cinnamon Kit Kat.

I had stock sent over from Canada.

Best Kit Kat EVER!