4 November 2021

Gingerbread Munchies (Asda) By @cinabar

Gingerbread Munchies (Asda)

Munchies are usually in a 100g pack, they come in a ‘grab bag’ and there are usually quite a lot of them. I bought these new seasonal Gingerbread Munchies online, when they arrived I couldn’t help but notice they are in quite a small bag. They are the same price as the full size but we are missing around 20% as this is just an 81g bag. Sorry to start this post going on about the weight of the bag but it has distracted me.

The chocolates though are fab though. The Gingerbread Munchies are milk chocolate squares filled with a crunchy bit of gingerbread, they are sweet and the ginger is flavoursome without being too spicy. Some ginger beers are too strong for me so my palette prefers a warm sweet ginger rather than a fiery one, and these match that. I love the mix of textures with the crunch in the middle it makes them fun to eat. The only issue I have with that it feels like there are missing sweets in the pack for the price. The other new flavours (fudge) launched in a bigger bag for the same price so honestly I think I’d pick up one of those bags next time.


zeddy said...

"my palette prefers a warm sweet ginger rather than a fiery one"

Ah! So it's cinnamon that you really like. ;)

cinabar said...

Yes that is totally true - I love cinnamon!!! :-D