20 February 2022

American Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper by @NLi10

American 'soda' is pretty unique.  The Corn Syrup lobbyists have ensured that financial forces have given them a whole raft of flavours and textures that don't quite work in the sugar part of the world.

Case in point - here we have Dr Pepper but a Cherry Vanilla version.  It's from the parcel shop on my high - street who are delighted that I want to try all of the things.

It's both natural and artificial

On 2/3rds of the sides

98% water and corn syrup - 38g of the stuff! 2% colour and flavour.

So - how does it compare to English Dr Pepper?  It has less of the distinctive 'cough medicine' taste than I expected, with the cherry being just a little sweeter and the vanilla being more of the focus.

It's nice enough - but having been used to sugar based Dr Pepper it just doesn't hit the spot.  I opened this while doing a 2 hour stream and there was 1/3 of a can left at the end (but I'd finished all my water).  I'll stick to 2 Litres of the regular stuff for the same price - but always worth branching out.

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