13 February 2022

OZO - Pea Is Stored In The Balls - Vegan Pea Based 'Meatballs' by @NLi10

I filled the virtual trolley in January with all the Veganuary offers that I dared, but the one that was eaten last was these spookily authentic looking pea-based meatballs from Ozo.  I delayed this review a couple of weeks due to the Lunar NY pick-ups, we did eat these in January while they were still fresh!

I mean - these look like something from Vegan Grindhouse - they are clearly pinked up to appear to converted carnivores - stop doing that!!

They are odd, and sticky, but actually had a really appetising smell so I was happy to pop them in the oven.

Ah yes - beetroot - tricking meaty people into planty meals.  Got to love the styling and the barcode.

They kinda provided their own juices to baste in too - I drained it half way and that crisped them up a little - but I think next time I'd leave it to the end.

I popped some garlic and tomato sauce in with them for the last bit and served on premium sphagett and it was fantastic.  Like eating great quality meatballs, but without the grainy texture, and more of the sauce/herb flavour.

A win from me - my veggie partner wasn't quite as keen but did say she'd eat these again as long as I cooked them.

Another victory for the vegan meals.

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