14 February 2022

Cathedral City: Cheese and Ham Pizza (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Cathedral City: Cheese and Ham Pizza

It's all about the cheese! I bought this pizza because I was excited to see that cheese makers Cathedral City had diversified into new products. This one caught my eye as I do like pizza. I ordered it online and added it to my weekly grocery shop. I have to admit (again as it is becoming a habit) to not paying that much attention to the item and assuming that it was a Cheese and Ham pizza that there would be tomato sauce in the mix too. That is a prerequisite for pizza surely? Not this time though. It is just cheese and ham, nothing else. Taking it out of the box it did look disappointing.

We cooked the pizza and it did start to look a lot more enticing. I gave a piece a try and have to say the cheese on this pizza saves it. There was loads of flavour from it and it was reminiscent of cheese on toast, particularly with a thin and crispy base. The pieces of ham were good, and added a lovely meaty flavour, but I would have liked more slices given it was the only topping.

So when Cathedral City decided to make Cheese and Ham Pizza they really went with it and put aside the tomato base. I found the pizza far more enjoyable than I thought I would, but I am a cheese fan. I’m still pretty sure some tomato paste under than cheese would have perfected it.

Cathedral City: Cheese and Ham Pizza


claire said...

No, tomato sauce is not a prerequisite for a pizza.

cinabar said...

But tomato sauce makes everything better? I think sometimes I'm still 12 but I do love ketchup too :-D

hazelnicholson said...

I've tried that and the Cathedral City flatbread and much prefer the flatbread.

cinabar said...

I will keep an eye out for the flatbread, I haven't seen that. I will see what other products they do too, I think there was a cheesy mash potato - mmmm

Unknown said...

Very disappointed hard to add more and cheese no tomato base will not buy again