11 February 2022

Heart Go Pop Choc Corn (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Heart Go Pop Choc Corn (Marks & Spencer)

I love the idea of the popcorn bars you can get at Marks and Spencer and frankly I am happy to make any excuse to buy them. The latest is their Valentines edition, Heart Go Pop Choc Corn. This bar is stunning, the packaging is all reds and pinks, but the bar itself is just lovely to look at too. On top of the popcorn we have pink chocolate hearts, white chocolate, milk chocolate and pink shelled chocolates, it is such a smart looking bar.

I broke a chunk off and it actually breaks apart pretty well, which is against the odds when you look at. I only dropped one candy chocolate on the floor while sharing some out, which I’m putting down as a win. This bar is all about the texture, each piece is so interesting to eat. The popcorn pieces are big and fluffy the chocolate creamy and sticks everything together and the decorations are crunchy. It is a delight to look at and delight to munch on, I love varied texture. These bars are fairly pricey but for a quiet night in, curl up on the sofa, share some posh popcorn in the form of this Heart Go Pop Choc Corn bar and stick on a good film. Sometime the simplest things make for the best evening.

Heart Go Pop Choc Corn (Marks & Spencer)

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