1 February 2022

Hot Cross Bun Whips (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Hot Cross Bun Whips (Marks & Spencer)

The Easter goodies are on the shelves. Marks and Spencer are famed for their Walnut Whips, and the various themed varieties they have throughout the year. This Easter we have these new Hot Cross Bun Whips. They are a milk chocolate case with the whip filling, spiced caramel and a hot cross bun caramel disc on top. There are really quite cute. I went to bite in I realised that the whole thing was upside down and that I was trying to bite into what would have been the base on a regular whip, which meant the chocolate was super thick. I turned the Hot Cross Bun Whip over and then bit in.

Hot Cross Bun Whips (Marks & Spencer)

This meant the spiced chocolate and the caramel were at the bottom, so the first bite was pretty much identical to every milk chocolate whip. The next bite hit the caramel properly and there was a lovely seasonal hot cross bun spice to the taste and the whole thing was more enjoyable. The decoration too had a fair hit of the spiced flavour and was lovely. So the first bite (which would have been the last) was plain but the last bite (which should have been the first) was delightful with the decoration and caramel being at that side, but I still think it is the only way to eat them?

Hot Cross Bun Whips (Marks & Spencer)


Anonymous said...

This really made me chuckle

cinabar said...

Glad I made you smile and that you enjoyed the write up