18 February 2022

Kit Kat Chunky - Cinnabon (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Chunky - Cinnabon

When I wrote about the Winter Edition Caramelised Biscuit KitKat, which is a UK product, we had a comment left by a regular reader. Zeddy suggested I should try a “real cinnamon Kit Kat”, like the Canadian version. I am a cinnamon fan girl. I hunt down cinnamon products, so I took up this challenge. Sadly, I couldn’t find the exact one that was mentioned, but here I present Kit Kat Chunky Cinnabon all the way from Dubai, or to be completely honest, via a UK import shop. This was the closest I could find, but it sounds like a good mix of chocolate and cinnamon, so it is all good. Cinnabon is a brand of bakers who specialise in cinnamon swirls, which, as you may have predicted, is my favourite pastry treat.

I ripped open the packet and the aroma of cinnamon was warm and heady and entwined with sweet chocolate. Heck, I’d buy a candle that smells like that. I bit in and my senses were all focused on the cinnamon, followed by sweetness and chocolate. What an utter delight. I love the texture of a Kit Kat and it has the same wafers as a regular Chunky so it is packed with all those crispy layers. I think this bar was pretty spot on for me; the texture, cinnamon and chocolate. It was worth the little bit extra in price for an import bar and I’m rather pleased I bought more than one. However, I’m still hunting for a pure Cinnamon Kit Kat from any country that makes them, but honestly I’m not sure how this Kit Kat Chunky Cinnabon could be topped?

Kit Kat Chunky - Cinnabon


zeddy said...

Glad you got to try this. I wonder how it compares to the (sadly deceased) Canadian cinnamon Kit Kat?

Mevrouw Niekje said...

I love the tast and smell of cinnamon too and would love to try this KitKat. However, in the Netherlands we rarely see any special or limited editions. Reading about it is the next best thing to tasting it! ;-)

cinabar said...

Well this bar was gorgeous - the only other one I could find was a Japanese with apple and cinnamon. I like fruity flavours but it doesn't sound quite pure enough to the spice.

cinabar said...

@Mevrouw - we do get quite a few interesting Kit Kats launched here in the UK but we also have quite a few import shops so I can find things from all over the world. I think Japan gets the best Kit Kats. Do you get lots of local chocolate bars with limited editions?