24 February 2022

MAROU - Ginger & Lime 69% BARIA by @NLi10

We are a big fan of Birmingham's Red Brick Market (website!) and it sometimes feels like i've done my weekly shop there.  On this particualr occasion I moved this bar to the side so it wouldn't get crushed and they accidentally scanned it twice - gah!

And at £3 the first time that's a pretty expensive bar of chocolate.

Having come all the way from Vietnam it's certainly exotic.

Part of me expected to say 'packaged by hipsters in London' on the back - so it's a surprise to see that it's made locally and shipped out.

And it's a luxurious proposition,

if not a little slender in proportion 24g! Hidden well in the picture above to look like 24 carat gold

The flavours though are dynamic and deep, suggesting that the whole bar is a serving is really overdoing it - each of these little snapped sections is more than enough to satisfy any taste cravings.

First you have the sharpness of the lime with a hint of the ginger burn.  The lime then sinks into the richness of the black chocolate - it's really sublime.  I've had it open for a while now, it's not for snacking, too powerful and acidic for that.  I can imagine this working well grated over something cooling like a cheesecake, but then that almost feels like a waste.

At the price this is certainly a high grade luxury treat, and not something children would ever want a 2nd crumb of.  I however would quite like to see what else they have on offer (but at the correct price this time).


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