21 February 2022

Aero Caramel Melts (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Aero Caramel Melts

So here we have another new caramel variation of a chocolate brand. I am in two minds about caramel. On one side, I love caramel and on the other, I want innovation, fun and crazy innovations. Fruity Cereal flavoured Kit Kat anyone? Yes please bring it on. At least these Aero Caramel Melts have a new shape that is at least a little bit different.

I opened up the bag and the aroma from the caramel was both strong and enticing. The discs of chocolate are small though, button sized and not too thick. I gave one a try and the chocolate did what it says, it really does melt in the mouth. These chocolates are super light and easy to eat, very easy if I’m honest. The caramel flavour is very rich and sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I have to admit I’d happily buy another bag, caramel works. I guess that is why companies churn it out. It is an easy win. I just think we are at a place where their next product is going to be Aero cubes caramel edition, but what I really want is something different like hot cross bun edition Aero. Come on guys chuck a bit more imagination at the problem.

Aero Caramel Melts

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