6 February 2022

Instant Blueberry Milk Tea - Good Raw Material Series by @NLi10

 Whilst celebrating Lunar/Chinese New Year by consuming hot exotic meats I popped into the supermarket.  As the queues were the longest I'd ever seen (white supermarket at Christmas level) I got to take a good look at the impulse buy aisle.  I selected only one thing (to go with my Mr Kon Whiskey bottle of tea)  - this really synthetic looking instant tea cup.

While I knew I could persuade the games shop to boil the kettle for me, I took it home to experience with a real mug.

For £1.50 you get three funny sachets - one of tea powder, one of jam, and one of thick condensed milk.

It said to put in according to taste so I added all of all of them.

First the powder, which honestly looked already like a nice enough fruity tea.

I added the condensed milk - and this is the jam

It dissolved as it went in so it wasn't too bad.

My goodness this is now sweet! The Jam almost acted as a bubble tea - if you drank this with a straw you'd get a similar effect. The jam is oddly less sweet than the mix, more fruity than anything.

And the tea is great quality - like the Good Raw Material Series moniker suggests.  I'm not sure this is quite good enough for the price when out (I can get a freshly brewed Happy Lemon from about £3) but if you are looking for a sweet hit then this certainly hit the spot and perked me up for the afternoon.

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