3 February 2022

Itsu Lunar New Year - Bao and Gyoza by @NLi10

 Happy Lunar New Year! To celebrate I added some quick things to the Waitrose order.

Itsu spicy veg bao buns were up first

Lots of complicated things here - but we can just pop them in the microwave

Frozen buns!

Ready to nuke…

In the meantime - Itsu vegan teriyaki chick’n need frying

Let’s take 6 and fry them

Fry them a little…

Make your own sauce - then steam them a little!

They smell amazing

Here the line of buns going into the oven

And here is them out! 

Doesn’t look that special here…

But they taste amazing

And so do the gyoza

Well worth a little bit of effort - and enough for a 2nd meal of the same.

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